Jasna is the patron of all things bureaucracy from judges, to treasurers if you have papers to push Jasna is the go to for worship.
Along with her regular godly duties Jasna also acts as the point of contact for all those mortals he wish to ascend to godhood, as well as insuring all gods follow the rules and regulations dictated by the Do’s and Dont’s of Godly Intervention.
As many of her duties require direct contact with mortals she has taken on a mortal form to more easily carry out these duties. Jasna takes residence in the city of Shurman and can usually be found in her temple going over contracts, budgets and other administrative work.

  • Interactions with the party
    The party personally met Jasna in The Spear while trying to warn Commander Nama of the encroaching shadow insurrection. Upon their first meeting the party informed Jasna of said insurrection that she claimed to have missed herself.
    After the party requested aid from her she presented them with a list of names and cities where they might be able to find help. As well as giving them a Requisition of Information Form Rev.974431-A