Dwarves: A stout and hardy people the Dwarves make their home along the Snowmelt Peaks. Very similar to their vanilla DnD fantastic builders and smiths with a ton of pride and a smidgen of Xenophobia.

Elves (High and Wood): Tall, regal, and thin are the words one would use to describe the elves. Standing an average of just over 6 feet the elves see themselves as above that of most of the other denizens of the world. Other then their additional height the Elves of the world keep to the traditional theme.

Elves (Drow): Once the Drow ruled a large empire beneath the world. Their dark violet skin blending with the darkness of their world. However many millennia ago a war between the Elves of the surface and Drow turned to slaughter as the surface Elves released hordes of Orcs and Goblinoids upon the Drow cities. Culling most of the Drow and razing their cities. What few Drow that remained were enslaved by surface Elves and remain enslaved, save few exceptions, to this day.

Halflings: Same as vanilla Halflings.

Humans: Similar to their DnD equivalents. The Human population is split among dozens of city-states in central Carra. Predominately aligned with eachother and the UoS though a few of the Human city-states align themselves with the Dwarves, Orcs, or Goblinoids.

Dragonborn: A rare race the dragonborn once controlled vast empires that spanned across continents. Since then there empires of crumbled and what dragonborn families that still exist are considered nobility relating back to there ties with there once grand empires.