Unity of Stars

Unity of Stars is lead by a council of 9 (3 Elves, 3 Gnomes, 3 Halflings) who’s members are elected every 40 years and officiated by the Glintsilver family. Currently Great Lord Adran Glintsilver sits upon the Throne of Stars as the center of the council.

A lack of drive for power by the Halflings and Gnomes causes most seats of power (save the required council seats) to be filled by Elves. The bottom of UoS society is the Drow, who were enslaved by the Glintsilver family generations ago.

The vast majority of the population takes up residence in the city of Shurman, though the council and the Glintsilver family call Castille home.

In addition to protecting their own borders the UoS also posts garrisons to guard The Spear, as well as Path.

The Twilight Consortium
The House of Lofan
The 1000 Children

The Horde of Ruin
The Rosebud Federation
The Verdant and Sanguine Legion

Unity of Stars

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